Unlock Your Potential: The Mastery of Skillful Interview Techniques

Byline: Milan Calendine

A Story

Anthony Bourdain was an icon.  However, before he reached icon status, he was debt-ridden, living in obscurity in a rebellious and savage culinary industry in New York City.  He held almost every kitchen position, from line cook to head chef.   

If you have ever been to New York, you understand the culinary experience.  There is every kind of food to be had in a myriad of places, from the scary hole in the wall to the decadent top-floor restaurant where only the rich and shameless can enter. 

Bourdain made his rounds in many of these establishments.  He was experienced, educated, and capable of running just about any kitchen in Gotham.

The life of a restaurant is always in doubt; employment is never certain, and Bourdain, by his own recount, was a preputial interviewee.  At a point in his career where he had years of experience in the industry, he was interviewing for head chef at a high-end steakhouse.  The interview began with the usual flow of questions, and Bourdain responded with a charismatic confidence built on his history in the New York culinary scene.  The interview was going well, and he could feel the possibility of being the new head chef.  

Then a question wrapped in a heavy accent and sternly delivered through Bourdain to the ground… 

“What do you know about me?” asked the steakhouse owner.  Bourdain was confused.  The question was repeated, and without pause, he answered confidently, “Next to nothing!” Following laughter and awkward smiles from the owner and the manager, the interview abruptly ended.

Leaving the interview crushed and reliving the encounter as he walked home, he realized the wealthy owner was asking a question not centered on himself but on the prime component of his steakhouse…

“What do you know about meat?”   

The lessons here are many. 

The temporal distance between Bourdain becoming a head chef and his failure to win the opportunity was a few seconds of misunderstanding.  There was still no guarantee that he would get the job, but the chance to be considered a top candidate vanished with a misstep that could have been avoided.  The philosopher Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.”  Bourdain knew, as Kierkegaard did, that we can learn from self-reflection, uncovering blind spots to succeed another day, and that gaining educational insight and pushing forward while learning from past mistakes are the keys to advancement. 

Bourdain could have steadied his confidence keeping it from boiling over.  He could have paused and repeated the question to the owner for clarity.  He could have listened more carefully and considered the foundation of the restaurant – STAKE!  Anthony Bourdain would go on to write bestselling books, and usher in a new understanding of the culinary world inspiring people the world over on topics of food, travel, and culture.  His interview story also reminds us that he failed, sometimes spectacularly.  

Today, the methodology behind successful interview techniques is continually adapting and balancing our experience with innovative strategies, and personalized approaches. It is an endeavor that is tailored finely to echo the depth of the candidate’s proficiency, speaking a language that resonates with industry leaders and talent seekers.

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