Brooks & Nelson specializes in providing professional executive recruitment services in the Mining and Natural Resources Industries. We are committed to delivering top-notch qualified Talent Solutions with outstanding results. 

Our decades of directly working in the mineral industries and recruitment fields have given us a rare and valuable perspective. We have a unique and deep knowledge of the roles that our Clients trust we will fill, and a deep insight into the recruiting process and how we can positively impact your bottom line.

Throughout our careers, Brooks & Nelson has built a vast database of true relationships with Clients and outstanding Candidates within the mining and natural resources sphere, giving us the unique ability to deliver the perfect Candidates to whom our Clients might not otherwise have knowledge or contact.

We are proud to also provide exceptional Human Resources Solutions that benefit and suit your unique situation and corporate culture.  We work with you to create a custom plan that meets your company’s precise needs. See our HR Solutions page for more information.

Our personalized service, extensive research, and our results-oriented approach will provide you a level of service that will exceed your expectations.  By focusing on the details, we contribute to your success by allowing you to focus on your business. If you are planning for expansion, have an immediate vacancy, or looking for a career opportunity, please contact Brooks & Nelson.

photo: Mina Antamina, Ancash, Peru