Lois Brooks

Lois Brooks

Lois was born into the mining industry and after university, started working for her father’s mining company where she established the library collection and moved onto tackling land management.  She built her career on this early experience working for Royal Gold, LAC Minerals and Echo Bay Mines before making a move to corporate and human resources work with Gold Fields Exploration.  Since moving to the “other side of the fence” as a service provider two years ago, Lois has been able to continue to help companies find great people.

“The mining industry is like my extended family. These are my people. Recruiting is really about the people that I get to know by learning their stories, both the candidates and the clients who hire us, to find those unique people to join their teams. Our world is full of interesting characters with all kinds of talents! It is a joy to find these folks and connect them with a position that allows them to blossom in their career while helping our clients move their company forward. It is an exciting journey of learning about corporate cultures, becoming an extension of our client's recruiting efforts and strengthening the web of connections that glue us all together in this industry!”

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Jill Nelson

Jill Nelson

Jill is a Mining Engineer who started her career with Shell Mining Company.  She moved into the waste industry for BFI, managing closure projects, EH&S, then into managing hazardous waste landfills at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.  She then returned to BFI as their landfill sales manager.  Contributing to her alma mater, Jill spent three years fundraising for SDSM&T, focusing on the mining sector.  She then segued into recruiting in the mining industry with Downing Teal in Denver in 2008.  Matching top end talent to the right opportunity with our clients is her passion.

“Every person has a story. Every company has an unique culture. Listening to and understanding both our clients and candidates is fascinating. The power of persuasion in getting people to change requires great concentration, listening and the right delivery of response. Private investigation skills (finding those with their heads down working, not seeking a change) feeds my competitive soul.

A perfect match, candidate to company, is such a great accomplishment and when cultural fit, including long term growth and leadership, is the priority, the reward of finding the right person is priceless!”

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About Us

Brooks & Nelson, first and foremost, delivers top talent matched to the position and your company’s culture.

Our years of working in the mining industry give us a deeper understanding of the roles for which we recruit and how our candidate’s success impacts your bottom line.

Our passion is to be the best recruiters for our clients, and our success is a direct result of this passion and commitment.

Our metrics around repeat business and long tenured placements are a source of pride in our work.  It would be our pleasure to provide you a level of service which will exceed your expectations.

We specialize in providing Human Resources Services on a consulting/contract basis.

The flexibility we offer can help you address issues from basic compliance to establishment of HR policies and procedures, on an outsourcing or project basis.

We specialize in HR Assessments and subsequent Roadmaps with an emphasis on company culture, succession planning and employee retention.

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