Unparalleled placements, Brooks & Nelson expertly delivers qualified, game changing talent through exceptional listening skills, thorough research and decades of experience, Brooks & Nelson will identify, attract and acquire the candidate, and support the hiring process to fulfill the needs of your team. We are proud to also provide exceptional Human Resources Solutions that benefit and suit your unique situation and corporate culture. We work with you to create a custom plan that meets your company’s precise needs.

Extraordinary results for our clients.

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What People are saying…

The team at Brooks & Nelson is a valuable asset to any organization looking for top-level, executive recruitment and corporate-level HR expertise, guidance and support. They are proficient and excel in everything from writing employee manuals to finding that special new executive or employee.

In my HR and recruitment collaborations with Brooks & Nelson they have consistently exceeded expectations and over delivered on their promises. Their collective years of experience are invaluable to any business. They have my highest recommendation.

Barry Henderson
Chief Operating Officer
Mine Vision Systems