You Will Be Missed!

We have the difficult task of announcing the retirement of a founding partner of Brooks & Nelson, our very good friend and colleague, Lois Brooks. We thank you for your commitment, hard work, and vision in establishing one of the best executive recruitment companies specializing in the mineral industries. Much of what we have built these past years is a direct result of your leadership, dedication and support. Now it is time for you to pursue the enrichment of your own life just as you have enriched countless other lives!

Thank you, congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful retirement!
Jill Nelson and Skylie Estep

And words from Lois Brooks:

“To everything, there is a season. During my recovery from a life transforming kidney transplant, I discovered my season has changed. I have spent my working life in an industry I love and support, starting with my father’s company, Brooks Minerals, moving on to Royal Gold (the early days) then LAC Minerals, Echo Bay and Gold Fields Exploration. I focused on land work, corporate administration and human resources. Jill Nelson and I were introduced by a mutual friend and colleague and our partnership began as executive recruiters in this business and grew into our founding Brooks & Nelson in 2016. Our work together has been challenging and a whole lot of fun.
This has been a wonderful and rewarding career, but as I mentioned, seasons change. I am moving into a life affirming season where I focus on my recovery and health and a refocused life with my steadfast and supportive husband of 38 years.
For friends and colleagues, I can still be reached at my personal email, and my phone number (303) 241-3981.
Tap ‘er Light,
Lois Brooks”