Lois Brooks with Keynote speaker Beatrice Opoku-Asare, Newmont’s Director, Global Inclusion and Diversity, Feb 21, 2017

What is your greatest concern when you need to hire top talent for your company? Your network is great, but…are there better people out there? Where do you find exceptional talent with just the right skills?

Brooks & Nelson is the recruiting team you should call. We work for you as a part of your team to find the best talent. It is what we do well. It is our passion. We are people focused.

Jill Nelson and I formed Brooks & Nelson in August 2016 because we felt driven to serve our industry. We are compelled to share our enthusiasm for placing the best possible candidates with our clients. There is absolutely no better feeling than the thrill of this modern-day corporate “match making”. We strive to find for our clients the candidates who will not only be able to do a job well, but will blossom in the role and be a great fit and inspiration for the team.

As a company, you know that the right people are your most important asset. Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. We understand this and are confident that we can help facilitate this successful combination and assist companies that aspire to this priceless outcome. We welcome YOU to become our client and share in this vision.

For candidates, we work for you as a part of your personal team to find a good company with a strong company culture. Often, drafting your resume and defining your passion is an overwhelming task. This is our strength and we can help you represent yourself well and achieve a rewarding career.

Throughout my 40+ years in this business, I have come to understand many aspects and levels of the organizations that make up our industry; from growing up the daughter of a mining engineer, to being the person at the front desk, to land title research, to corporate administration and Human Resources knowledge and background. A comprehensive expertise emerged with input from all the wonderful people and characters met along the way.

Our philosophies on Human Resources management have developed throughout our careers and have grown through experience in the mining industry, and our deep understanding of how well-run companies develop, operate, and engender great cultures. We collaborate with the client and candidate throughout the entire hiring process to ensure a seamless union.

Why are executive recruiters still needed in this time when so many automated tools for candidate recruiting are available? A discerning company or executive is not looking for a warm body: You are looking for a human touch, just the right candidate to fit into the culture of your company that has just the right skills, attitude, and engagement in the work.

This is where Brooks & Nelson excels. Let’s discuss further. Please contact me or Jill Nelson.

– Lois Brooks